About Humberto
The owner and the man behind the bar is the Portuguese international Bartender Humberto Marques. For the two decades he has shaken, stirred and served cocktails around the world in high profile bars such as Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland, at celebrity chef Tony Singh’s restaurant and cocktail bar Oloroso in Edinburgh and at the popular 1105 cocktail bar in Copenhagen. He is known for his creative mind and technical skills which has brought him to first place in cocktail competitions in both UK and Denmark. He is regarded as one of Denmark’s top bartenders – a position which is cemented in his contribution to bartender guru Gary Regan’s book 101 Best New Cocktails.

War and gangsters
Since the Second World War the location of the bar has harboured many murky taverns and pubs. The bar’s location was even a gangsters hang out for a period, but today Humberto has transformed the bar into an elegant, modern speakeasy cocktail bar that conjures memories from when curfews were executed in the American prohibition time of the 1920s-30s. The atmosphere in the spacious bar is relaxed, the lights are dimmed and the music ads just the right touch of scratchy funky jazzy vinyl, swing, and blues record sound.

Design is king
Curfew seats 70 guest sitting comfortable and enjoying the absolute best table service. Along with great cocktails and service, guest will also enjoy the décor; Few bar owners in Copenhagen pay such an eye to detail as Humberto. With many modern twists Curfew succeeds in being both an eye gazing time capsule and a high-end cocktail bar with perhaps the best cocktails in town. The interior is elegant yet simple with unique details of handcrafted blue tiles from Portugal, vintage iron barstools by American designer Arthur Umanoff and solid wooden tables to place your delicious cocktail on. The glass cabinets in the bar testify to a serious collector of vintage silver and crystal bar gear, rare cocktail books and original vintage spirits bottles. The bar is even equipped with manual cocktail machines that can stir a delicious classical Negroni. Last, but not the least, Curfews bartenders are dressed in leather suspender uniforms, loaded with vintage bar tools. In short; You’ll never forget a visit to Curfew.



Hendricks gin, lemon, cucumber, raw lico...

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Dear Guests, following up the latest news and due to government guidelines regarding COVID – 19, Curfew is closed until 08.06. We will be reopening on Tuesday 09.06. However, the seats are limited due to safety recommendations and we therefore encourage You to book a table through our web-site. Thank You for Your understanding.

  • Opening hours:
    Currently CLOSED due to COVID-19 until 08.06.
    22.12.-04.01. Closed.
    Mon: Closed/Open only for
    events/Enquire with us
    Tues-Thurs: 18:00 → 02am
    Fri: 17:00 → 03am
    Sat: 18:00 → 03am
    Sun: Closed/Open only for
    events/Enquire with us
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