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Dear Guests, following the latest COVID-19 safety restrictions, Curfew opening hours for the period 17.09.-04.10. are following: FRI-SAT 17:00-22:00. Please note that You need to bring & wear a face mask in order to enter and move within Curfew at all times unless You are seated. We might provide some masks to be bought by our customers who didn’t get a chance to bring/buy one, but we can’t guarantee it. However, the seats are limited due to safety recommendations and we therefore encourage You to book a table through our web-site. Thank You for Your understanding.

  • Opening hours 17.09.-04.10.:
    Following COVID-19 safety
    Mon-Thu: Closed/Open only for
    events/Enquire with us
    Fri-Sat: 17:00 → 22:00
    Sun: Closed/Open only for
    events/Enquire with us
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