The North Land Reviver

5cl Beefeater London Dry gin

3cl dill-caraway-buckthorn oxymel

1,5cl lemon juice

1,5cl Lillet Blanc

orange bitters


photo by Alexander Banck-Petersen for Cocktails of Copenhagen


Hendricks gin, lemon, cucumber, raw licorice, honey, Cointreau

Doctors orders

Beefeater gin, Lillet rouge, grapefruit juice, honey, aloe vera soda

Eucalyptus Martini

Tanqueray gin, lime, Cointreau, eucalyptus syrup, egg white

Odyssey number 10

Tanqueray 10 gin, strawberry, celery, Lillet rouge, lemon, honey

Little Dragon

Tanqueray gin, fresh tarragon, mango, lemon, dry sherry, green tea powder

Project 23 Vid

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