The narrative of excellence and respect within our walls.

1. The Curfew saga is for those 20 years and above, for it is with age that our story is truly savored.

2. Dress Code and Appearance Policy: In the chapters of our story, every character’s attire adds to the ambiance. We request a Casual Smart Dress Code to maintain a narrative that everyone enjoys. While tattoos are a form of personal expression and artistry, we ask for them to be like hidden messages — particularly those on the neck, face, and upper chest — to maintain the story’s flow. This ensures that the atmosphere of our venue remains as intended, comfortable and enjoyable for all guests.3. Upon entering, pause and be seated by our staff—every esteemed guest shall have their own stage.

4. Announce your name upon arrival as you would a title of a tale eagerly anticipated.

5. A minimum engagement of one drink per hour is your commitment to the plot; anything less, and we reserve the right to turn the page for another reader.

6. If you opt to depart before your story unfolds, a simple nod to our staff is the mark of a considerate protagonist.

7. Our cocktail crafting is an art form; during our busier chapters, we ask for patience—your reward will be a drink worth the wait.

8. Punctuality is the respect we ask for your reservation; fail this, and your chapter may be swiftly concluded.

9. Your allocated time at Curfew is a precious 2 or 3 hours; linger beyond without due cause, and a fee shall be your epilogue.

10. Maintain decorum; loud or overbearing dialogue disrupts the narrative flow and is not tolerated.

11. Those lost to intoxication will find their journey at Curfew at an end, with the intervention of authorities if necessary.

12. While a cloakroom is provided, the stewardship of your belongings is your chapter to write.

13. The use of drugs within Curfew is a breach of our story’s integrity, leading to immediate expulsion.

14. Items within Curfew are part of our setting; to remove them without leave is to steal from our pages.

15. Our furnishings are not footrests; respect them as you would the spine of a cherished tome.

16. Do not mar our scenery with discarded chewing gum; ask for a napkin to dispose of it properly.

17. The architecture of Curfew is set; furniture is not to be moved on a whim, consult with our narrators first.

18. Restrooms are a courtesy for our patrons; use without patronage incurs a fee, as with any luxury.

19. The air of Curfew is pure and reserved for the narrative within; smoking is an outside affair, without escort from our glassware.

20. If you must leave the plot momentarily, signal a staff member, leave a card or settle your account.

21. A locked door is an intermission or a finale; inquire within to know your next act.

22. Disregard for our house policies will result in a swift and decisive closure to your evening’s tale.

At Curfew, your experience within our walls should be one of immersive respect and mutual storytelling. We thank you for playing your part with grace.

Curfew will be closed for a maintenance renovation from Feb 12th to Mar 4th, focusing on our bar layout and countertop. Excited to welcome you back in March with our new look!