A regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at night. “a dusk-to-dawn curfew”

Experience Curfew

How it all started…

Step into a mesmerizing tale of cocktail craftsmanship and international allure, guided by the enigmatic Portuguese Bartender Humberto Marques. With a globe-trotting career spanning two decades, he has graced the finest establishments worldwide, from the prestigious Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland to the renowned Oloroso in Edinburgh, helmed by celebrity chef Tony Singh. The allure of his creations transcends borders, with his inventive approach to whisky cocktails as an Ambassador for Ancnoc whisky, unlocking new dimensions of indulgence for connoisseurs.

Humberto’s creative genius and technical finesse have propelled him to claim the coveted first place in prestigious cocktail competitions in both the UK and Denmark. Revered as one of Denmark’s premier bartenders, his name has etched its place in the esteemed “101 Best New Cocktails” by bartender guru Gary Regan.

Venturing into his enchanting realm, you’ll discover a metamorphosed bar, an opulent speakeasy that channels the clandestine charm of the 1920s-30s American prohibition era. The air is laden with nostalgia, as dimmed lights caress the soulful ambiance, perfectly complemented by the gentle sway of jazz, the vivacious rhythm of swing, and the captivating movements of the Charleston. Every moment in this haven of mixology becomes a dance of flavors, and every sip is a journey through time and taste.

Best in class service

Curfew seats 90-100 guests sitting comfortable and enjoying the absolute best table service.

Along with great cocktails and service, guests will also enjoy the décor; Few bar owners in Copenhagen pay such an eye to detail as Humberto.

With many modern twists, Curfew succeeds in being both an eye-gazing time capsule and a high-end cocktail bar with perhaps the best cocktails in town

Collector of vintage silver and rare books

The interior is elegant yet simple, with vintage iron barstools by American designer Arthur Umanoff and solid wooden tables to place your delicious cocktail on.

The glass cabinets in the bar testify to a serious collector of vintage silver and crystal bar gear, rare cocktail books and original vintage spirits bottles.

The bar is even equipped with unique and historical hand-crank cocktail machines that can stir and shake a delicious cocktail. In short; You’ll never forget a visit to Curfew.

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