Reservation guidelines

1. Age Requirement: Just as a book might have a recommended age group, we kindly request a minimum age of 20 years for all our guests.

2. Dress Code and Appearance Policy: In the chapters of our story, every character’s attire adds to the ambiance. We request a Casual Smart Dress Code to maintain a narrative that everyone enjoys. While tattoos are a form of personal expression and artistry, we ask for them to be like hidden messages — particularly those on the neck, face, and upper chest — to maintain the story’s flow. This ensures that the atmosphere of our venue remains as intended, comfortable and enjoyable for all guests.

3. Reservation Priority: Similar to how a book’s popularity can vary, we warmly welcome walk-in guests, but please be aware that we can’t always guarantee seating, especially on our vibrant Friday and Saturday evenings.

4. Reservation Duration: Much like chapters in a book, your reservation secures a two-hour or three-hour window at Curfew. This ensures that everyone has a chance to savor the Curfew experience. Please select the appropriate duration to allow other guests to enjoy their chapter, and remember not to reserve a three-hour slot if you don’t plan to read it in its entirety. If you decide to leave abruptly without a valid reason, a no-show fee will be charged as your reservation blocked that time slot from other potential guests.

5. Group Size Consideration: In the spirit of accommodating various reading preferences, if you’ve reserved for three guests but only two arrive, you have the option to order on behalf of the missing reader. Alternatively, we might adjust your stay duration, much like a book with missing pages, to make space for others, even if you need to share your table with walk-in guests especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

6. Minimum Consumption: Like a fine dining restaurant’s prix fixe meal, Curfew’s curated experience is designed with a set price and requires a minimum of 2 drinks for a 2-hour visit, or 3 for 3 hours. This ensures a comprehensive and engaging tasting journey, mirroring the way every page of a book contributes to the story. As part of this curated experience, we expect each guest to enjoy at least one drink per hour. Please be aware, to preserve the unique atmosphere of Curfew, we reserve the right to offer the table to other guests if minimum consumption is not met, ensuring all have the opportunity to partake in what Curfew offers. Alternatively, a minimum spend shortfall charge of DKK 100 per guest may be applied. This policy helps us maintain the quality and exclusivity of the Curfew experience for all guests.

7. Large Group Reservations: For grand stories with 10 or more characters, we ask for a pre-order of drinks. This prelude allows us to offer a seamless experience to all our guests. For large groups, we only accept one payment bill. On Fridays and Saturdays, large group reservations are available between 17:00 and 20:00, much like a special edition of a book. Additionally, we reserve the right to apply a Minimum spend shortfall charge of DKK 100 per guest if the minimum consumption is not met for these large groups.

8. Booking Security: Reservations for three or more guests are like a bookmark; they require providing card details to hold your spot. Just as in a book club, in case of cancellations, please send an email to before 12 PM on the reservation day to avoid a non-show fee, akin to a late return fee at the library.

9. Punctuality Matters: Like eagerly turning the pages of a thrilling novel, please arrive on time for your reservation. In case of tardiness, we may assign reserved tables to other guests, with a charge of 100DKK per person applying, much like a fine for keeping a library book past its due date.

10. Communication in Advance: We appreciate the courtesy of notifying us in advance of any changes or cancellations. It’s like giving your fellow readers a heads-up about a plot twist. In the event of cancellations, please send an email to before 12PM on the reservation day to avoid a non-show fee of DKK 100 per guest.

11. Weekdays and Sundays at Curfew: Similar to leisurely weekday reading, we typically offer more availability for walk-in guests on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Nevertheless, we recommend reservations for groups of five or more, assuring that even the most extensive chapters are accommodated.



FRIDAY & SATURDAY    17.00 – 03.00  AM

SUNDAY- 19:00 – 02:00

JULY: closed for Holidays

FRIDAY & SATURDAY    20.00 – 03.00  AM

We’ll be taking a secret sabbatical 🌞 starting June 30th, with our library doors closed and our cocktails on pause. Fear not, for we will return on August 2nd, ready to serve up more hidden libations.